About Lost Connection

Lost Connection is a "No Budget" feature film made by a small crew of dedicated weekend film makers over the course of a year in Auckland, New Zealand.

The film tells the story of Billy, who recruits his best mate Clem to accompany him on a mission to find the girl of his dreams.

Over the course of the day the mission takes a back seat to Billy and Clem's unique friendship as they talk, argue and meet interesting characters along the way.

It soon becomes apparent that the mission is less a search for true love, but more of a task to fill a day with purpose and meaning.

The film is written by Jono Ryan and Edward Turnbull of the course of many afternoons, evenings and work days. They then squeezed in filming days on weekends and holidays, recruiting the talents of Laura Allen as 'Clem' to act alongside Jono as 'Billy'.

Rounding out the team was Tegan Good as DOP, Tom Neunzerling as her trusty 1st AD, Michael Collier on soundtrack duties and several other star performances from Billy Little, Fergus Porteous, Rimu Donovan, Camila Araos-Elevancini and Jennie Cruse. All who gave up time doing nothing much to lend a hand.